CMB anisotropy

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Problem 1

problem id: per25

Obtain the equation of motion for photon in metrics ($ds^2=a^2(\eta)[(1+2\Phi)d\eta^2-(1-2\Phi)\delta_{ij}dx^idx^j]$) in linear approximation in $\Phi$.

Problem 2

problem id: per26

For the Universe, dominated by a substance with equation of state $ p = w \rho $, connect in the first approximation the fluctuations of the gravitational potential of the CMB with $ \Phi$.

Problem 3

problem id:

Estimate the spatial scale of Silk effect. Assume that at the temperatures we are interested in, photon changes direction randomly, and its energy does not change when scattering on electrons.

Problem 4

problem id:

Estimate the angular scale of the CMB anisotropy due to the Silk effect.