Candidates for Dark Matter Particles

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Standard Model Particles as Dark Matter Candidates

Supersymmetric Candidate Particles

Supersymmetry on weak scale ($\sim 100 {\rm GeV}$, it is the scale which lies in the center of the candidate particles search) represents the most motivated basis for new Particle Physics. It naturally provides the dark matter candidates with approximately correct relic density. This fact gives strongly fundamental and absolutely independent motivation for the supersymmetric theories. That is whay application of supersymmetry to cosmology and vice versa deserves the most attentive consideration. An indirect result of the dark matter research is to transfer the results of the supersymmetry theory into applicative domain where its predictions can be chacked in the nearest future.

Problem 1

Why accelerator energies just exceeding the WIMP rest mass are insufficient to observe the WIMPs?

Problem 2

What consequences follow from the $R$-parity conservation?