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<IT:> I think we will need at least two kind of flags (with corresponding graphics) that would mark the problems especially important (like "!") and those that are more difficult than usual (like "*"). The more flags are assigned to a problem, the more important/difficult it is.

<IT:> Also navigation is difficult AND it takes quite some time to render all the formulas in a large page. Thus I think making a page per subsubsection (as e.g. "4.BHs->Schwarzschild->Simple problems") would be better. Then we would need some kind of navigation bar that would show in which chapter and section one currently is: for the example above that would be smth like "4.BHs->Schwarzschild->Simple problems".

<IT>: Also, a button "expand/collapse all" (solutions) would be very nice. BTW the current button show/hide could be a bit larger, like half the line's width, with the visible text "solution/show solution/hide solution" to be pushed.